Two-Crust Caramel Apple Pie

Yield: one 9-inch pie Recipe: 96/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 86      For my birthday we went apple picking as per my request since it is my favorite fall activity, and thus we had a ton of apples chilling in the fridge. The most normal thing to do with so many apples was to make … Continue reading

Caramel Walnut Shortbread Squares

Yield: one 8-inch square pan, about 25 squares Recipe: 83/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 62      These past two weeks have been very tough for me. My friends and I made a (very stupid, in retrospect) bet about who could go on the longest without their favorite food. Mine, of course, was chocolate. Why did … Continue reading

Baileys Chocolate Soufflés

Yield: 6 individual soufflés Recipe: 81/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 198     What is one to do with a large amount of egg whites leftover from making crème brûlées? Make soufflés, of course! Now I had never made a soufflé as I, like the majority of people I think, have always been intimidated by soufflés. … Continue reading

Creamy Caramel Sauce

Yield: about 1 ¼ cups Recipe: 80/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 319      The dessert I made next called for this velvety and creamy caramel sauce. What a delight! It is fast to make and excellent. I highly suggest the addition of Baileys as it changes the whole taste profile. It is like caramel … Continue reading

Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake

Yield: one 9-inch round cake Recipe: 52/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 174        This past weekend was Thanksgiving weekend! I love this time of the year simply for all the wonderful moments spent with the family with good food and the beautiful fall weather. As was inevitable, I made one (or three! recipes … Continue reading

Chocolate Layer Cake with Caramel Frosting

Yield: one 8-inch, 3-layer cake Recipe: 24/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 144    As mentioned in my previous post, I decided to make this caramel-frosted triple-layer chocolate cake for my sister’s birthday. She loves anything sweet, so I figured this would be proper. The recipe was effortless to follow and the result was superb. However … Continue reading

Caramel Frosting

Yield: 2  1/2 cups frosting Recipe: 23/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 144    For my sister’s 18th birthday I wanted to make her a special cake. She has quite the sweet tooth and I was consequently looking for a sweet and ideally chocolatey dessert. As I flipped through the pages of my favorite cookbook, I … Continue reading