Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercream

Yield: about 2 ½ cups buttercream Recipe: 119/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 170     For New Year’s Eve I offered to bring a dessert for our hosts since they were taking care of everything else. I wanted to make a beautiful-looking cake that would be tasty as well, and this is the chocolate hazelnut* … Continue reading

Lemon Buttercream (Version 2)

Yield: about 3 cups Recipe: 44/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 147      Lemon swiss buttercream. Oh, the difficulties I had when making this recipe the first time for the larger batch. Succinctly, it was my first time making buttercream with egg whites and the result was a very runny and lumpy mixture. Not pleasant. … Continue reading

Springtime Lemon Wedding Cake With Fondant

Yield: a 6- and 9-inch 2-tier round cake Recipe: 37/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 178    As mentioned in my two previous posts, I made a triple-layer lemon cake for my mom this mother’s day. I say triple-layer not because of the physical cake layers, but rather because the cake is composed of three different … Continue reading

Lemon Buttercream

Yield: about 6 cups Recipe: 36/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 181      I really enjoy buttercream. Used to frost cakes, cupcakes or even to separate and fill the layers in a cake, it is both sweet and rich. Nonetheless, I have only ever made vanilla or chocolate buttercream, with slight variations at times. Lemon … Continue reading