Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding

Yield: one 9-inch bread pudding Recipe: 42/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 204      Bread pudding. This is a concept I never really grasped. Why would you want to purposely wet bread and eat it so? In my mind the result would be a soggy and unpleasant mixture. This recipe, however, yielded a dessert that … Continue reading

Basic Banana Chocolate-Chip Bread

Yield: one 9 x 5-inch loaf Recipe: 27/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 224     Is there anything more comforting than a warm piece of classic banana and chocolate-chip bread? Unless it is accompanied by a hot cup of cocoa, I think not. I often buy bananas and I often don’t eat them all, so … Continue reading