Key Lime Pie crust

Yield: crust for one 9-inch pie or 18 mini tarts Recipe: 107/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 263     This recipe is part of the “Key Lime Pie” recipe. I have not yet done the pie, but the crust was necessary for another recipe, so I will only show this part. Essentially, just mix together … Continue reading

Sable Tart Shell

Yield: one 9-inch baked tart shell Recipe: 91/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 108     Next up: Lemon Tarte, also known as Tarte au Citron. To do this, of course, requires an appropriate and delicate tart shell. Ingredients: 1/3 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature ¼ cup icing sugar 1 egg, at room temperature 2 tablespoons milk 1 … Continue reading

Basic White Sugar Cookie Dough

Yield: 2 to 3 dozen cookies Recipe: 33/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 22      I haven’t baked in a little while. I guess work and responsibilities took over my life these past weeks! Fortunately, I now have more time (if not I’ll make time!) to dedicate to my primary passion of baking. I felt … Continue reading

Nut-Crust Tart Shell

Yield: one 9-inch baked tart shell Recipe: 25/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 113     This nutty dough recipe somehow looks good even before it is baked, even just rolled up in a ball. As seems to be often the case for me, I had a little trouble making this dough. I have now come … Continue reading

Basic Brown Sugar Cookie Dough

Yield: 2-3 dozen cookies Recipe: 7/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 17     It is finally that time of the year. My favorite time of the year: the holiday season! I simply love this period of the year spent amongst family and friends, baking and cooking, laughing and eating. It is that time of the … Continue reading

Chocolate-Crust Tart Shell

Yield: One 9-inch tart shell Recipe: 5/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 118    After the classic apple pie and the classic fruit flan, I wanted to do a recipe that was undoubtedly made for me: the milk chocolate silk tart! As mentioned in a previous post, I never really liked tarts (or so I thought!) … Continue reading

Sweet-Crust Tart Shell

Yield: One 9-inch tart shell Recipe: 3/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 104    The next recipe on my to-do list was the classic fruit flan. Inevitably, to do so I first had to make the sweet-crust tart shell required. Probably due to the fact that the first pie dough I made (the Double-Crust Pie Dough) was … Continue reading