Hello everyone!

    My name is Valerie and I am a food lover at heart. I love to eat food, but first and foremost I love to prepare it. Albeit I enjoy coking very much, baking is my true passion. It has developed in recent years as I first moved out of my parents’ house and lived on my own. It opened the doors of creativity and freedom, in regards to food preparation might I add. Over these years I have been inspired by a truly talented pastry chef that has her own show on the Food Network: Anna Olson. She is the host of “Bake with Anna Olson”, a show which I watch with complete earnestness whenever I can. She demonstrates undeniable skill whilst baking and brings out one delicious-looking dessert after another every time. Anna Olson is, simply put, my baking idol.

    It was consequently normal and expected for me to receive her cookbook “Back to Baking” for my birthday. As I was excitedly flipping through it and looking in delight at the sophisticated and seemingly delectable desserts, one thought came to mind: I have to try every single recipe of this wonderful cookbook. Such a thought, enhanced by the novel and movie of the same name “Julie & Julia”, inspired me to make a blog about my efforts to repeat the 200 recipes found in the cookbook “Back to Baking”, by Anna Olson. This blog is solely for personal use. My goal here is not to benefit in any way from repeating the recipes in this cookbook, apart from learning new techniques and enjoying the product of my efforts. It is simply a kind of journal for myself to keep track of my progress and to take note of the inevitable memorable recipes to come.