Chocolate-Dipped Orange Madeleine Cookies

Yield: 24 cookies Recipe: 126/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 37       As the weeks of quarantine are prolonged, my supply of flour is decreasing at an alarming rate. I have only a few more recipes’ worth of flour as there is a nation-wide shortage and I have been unable to get my hands … Continue reading

Creamy Lemon Squares

Yield: 16-25 squares Recipe: 125/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 57     For the last dessert that I would make before gradually going back to work, I made these creamy lemon squares by popular, or should I say repeated but polite, requests. My boyfriend simply loves anything lemon so I wanted to make this for … Continue reading

Spiced Coconut Cupcakes

Yield: 18 cupcakes Recipe: 124/200 “Back to Baking”, pp. 140      I had been craving cupcakes since the beginning of the quarantine and had yet to bake some. Normally I would go for moist comforting chocolate cupcakes, but yesterday I decided to try something new and made these spiced coconut cupcakes. The spice blend … Continue reading